New Honda Accord To Be Revealed at Detroit Auto Show

There is no denying the Honda Accord is already a desirable vehicle, but just wait for 2012. Next year, an entirely new design will (supposedly) be introduced. Smart Honda in Des Moines can't wait to bring the model to the public later in the year, but this automobile will be unveiled sooner, at the 2012 Detroit Auto Show in January.

The Honda Accord has achieved various awards over the years, and it's Honda's top-selling variant in the United States. But the car was recently recognized for something different: It is the most produced car in The United States. Honda parts factories and assembly lines employ thousands of US citizens with great jobs.

The Accord showing at the Detroit Auto Show is a concept, which the late-2012 production model will be based upon. The ninth-generation Honda Accord will be present at the Auto Show in both two-and-four-door versions.

Honda said its Accord concept "will convey the dynamic and aggressive profile of the next Accord for the U.S. market set to go on sale in late 2012."1




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