Honda Milestone: One Million Vehicles Exported from the U.S.

Honda manufacturing plants in the U.S. are turning out new Honda cars at a rapid pace, but of course this really isn't the big news. However, what could make the cut as exciting news is that recently, a silver Accord EX-L produced in Honda's Ohio plant was marked by facility workers as the 1,000,000th Honda model to be exported from the U.S.

Once this model was created it was taken 8,000 miles to Port Hueneme in Southern California before taking off across the Pacific Ocean to Seoul, South Korea, a market in which Honda just recently began selling its U.S.-made products.

Honda currently exports vehicles to more than 40 overseas locations from seven ports facilities including ones in:

  • Port Hueneme, California
  • Jacksonville, Miami and Tampa, Florida
  • Brunswick, Georgia
  • Baltimore, Maryland
  • And Newark, New Jersey

What's even cooler is that Honda just celebrated 30 years of U.S. auto production; operations to which it has invested over $22-billion.

Honda doesn't have plans to stop there. They plan to expand its U.S. production capacity in its North American facilities from 1.63 million to 1.92 million units per year by 2014. This means that in the next few years, it is expected that Honda and its luxury brand will surpass its previous annual exports record by a whopping 105,511 units.

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