Green Efforts For Honda Operations & Production Paying Off

Those who are driving a new Honda around the streets of Des Moines have even one more reason to feel proud. The latest "2011 North American Environment Report" released by Honda last month shows the company is sticking by their eco-conservative guns. Honda has managed to abide by the principles outlined in their official environmental statement for over 10 years. That in itself is laudable. The fact the data shows their efforts are paying off, well, that is just icing on the cake.

Smart Honda is here to help outline the environmental missions created by Honda in 1992, and show the gains they have made on those goals up through 2011. 

How Honda Successfully Met their Official Environmental Principals in 2011

Mission: Work to Recycle Material and Conserve Unsustainable Resources (including energy) at Every Stage of Honda's Product Lifecycle.

- Fleet-average fuel economy for Honda and Acura rose to 25.6 mpg in 2011- an increase of 1 MPG over 2010 average.
- Fleet-average fuel economy for Honda motorcycles rose 12 percent over the FY2000 baseline.
- Nearly, 6,700 metric tons of carbon emissions associated with product transportation were reduced.

Mission: Minimize Waste and Dispose of any Remnants from the Product Lifecycle Responsibly

- Waste sent to the landfills was cut by nearly 92%compared to the FY2001 baseline. With under 0.5 percent of operating waste going to landfills, Honda has achieved their aim to become a virtually zero-waste-to-landfill organization - 10 of their plants in North America produce absolutely zero landfill waste.
-  2.2-Million lbs of packing material were cut.
- 21,000 Wooden pallets typically used in transport were also eliminated.

Mission: Make Efforts to Preserve Health of Humans and the Environment

- Honda opened three new LEED Green-Building certified facilities - now leads the industry with a total of 11 LEED certified buildings.
-  See above for significant cuts to CO2-emissions and landfill waste.

Misison: Consider the Impact Honda Activities Has on Regional Environments and Society

- See all of the above.
- Honda announced new, more stringent goals for 2020.

We're proud to be part of the Honda community, and its commitment to preserving our environment. To explore the many efficiency-enhancing features of the new 2012 Honda lineup in the meantime, simply swing by Smart Honda during our regular business hours. Conveniently located at 11206 Hickman Rd in Des Moines, we're always happy to share specs, compare models and arrange test drives.


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