Honda Unveils More Revealing Look at 2013 Accord

If you were confused at the site of the first spy shots of the forthcoming 2013 Honda Accord, you're not alone. It honestly seemed as if the Japanese automaker had already fully revealed the next-gen Accord through a coupe concept at the 2012 North American International Auto Show. But when we here at Smart Honda, serving the greater Des Moines area, saw that the first Accord production prototype was covered in camouflage, we knew something was up.

And as it turns out, our suspicions were right on. New spy shots have been snapped of the 2013 Honda Accord sporting almost no automotive camouflage at all. So what was Honda hiding?

First, they were hiding a new small grille under the vehicle's headlamps; the design of which is actually inspired by the Honda Concept C from this year's Beijing Motor Show. But, by far, the most revealing thing in the new spy shots is the inclusion of a second fuel-tank cover in front of the driver door. It indicates that the vehicle in the shots isn't, in fact, the 2013 Honda Accord, but rather the 2013 Honda Accord Plug-In hybrid.

Does this mean it will be released at the same time as its pure-gasoline model? That's what many are hoping, including us here at Smart Honda, located at 11206 Hickman Rd in Des Moines. That said, we can't confirm anything, but we can invite you to stay tuned for more Honda news.


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