Honda Expands Production of FIT Hybrid

Honda is planning to increase the production capacity of its lauded Fit Hybrid overseas, which is raising quite a few questions here at Smart Honda, serving the greater Des Moines area. Specifically, we're thinking that it may be a sign that Honda could be planning to release the Fit Hybrid in the United States to coincide with the limited release of the Fit EV later this summer.

And while nothing has been confirmed by the Big H, this would make perfect sense. After all, the Honda Fit Hybrid uses the same powertrain as the feisty 2012 Honda CR-Z and ultra-efficient 2012 Honda Insight. In other words, they know that demand for efficient hybrid vehicles is strong within their consumer base.

What's more the hybrid variant of the Fit has already proven to be a big success for Honda. The company has sold 86,000 units in Asia and Europe over the past year, and demand only seems to be growing stronger as the price of gasoline goes up.

Of course, there are some other theories surrounding the Japanese automaker's move that do make sense, but that also conflict with our hopes of seeing the Fit Hybrid arrive in the near future. One theory suggests that Honda is simply expanding the production of the Fit Hybrid in order to react to increased demand from its current markets. Meanwhile, some are saying the answer is found in where the Honda is expanding production to. Specifically, Honda has moved large amounts of Fit Hybrid assembly to Thailand, which could be a move to escape the burden that the rising value of the Yen is presenting.

In the end, all we here at Smart Honda can do is wait for official word from Honda in regards to whether or not the Fit Hybrid will be making an appearance in the U.S. any time soon. And with that, we invite you to stay tuned for more Honda news. Everyone here at Smart Honda in Des Moines is dedicated to keeping you informed.


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