New Personal Electric Vehicle Launched By Honda

Before the 2012 Honda Fit EV is made available nationwide, Honda has plans for their overseas market, launching a smaller personal EV. Known as the Honda UNI-CUB, we would say this vehicle is more of a Segway than a car. And while it's likely not destined for our lot in the near future, that hasn't stopped it from capturing the interest of everyone here at Smart Honda for one very good reason.

The Honda UNI-CUB is made with advanced electric vehicle technology that we're hoping someday finds it's way into the vehicles on our Des Moines Honda dealership lot. Two pieces of tech that particularly caught our eye in the Honda UNI-CUB are its balance control technology, which allows the driver to steer by shifting their weight, and the Omni Traction Drive System, which allows a single small wheel in the back of the EV to control its movement.

Hard pressed to see how an Omni Traction Drive System would be useful in a four-wheeled electric car? If Honda could cut the power down to only one wheel in the back of a full electric car, they could greatly increase its driving range. A single wheel in the back would consume less power, even propelling an entire vehicle, which makes it a great choice for a vehicle that aims to reduce the drivers carbon footprint as much as possible.

For now, however, the Honda UNI-CUB is limited to pedestrian-congested buildings for extensive testing. Should Honda make an effort to expand the technology found in the UNI-CUB into other models, Smart Honda promises you'll be the first to know.

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