The 'Honda Loves You Back' Campaign Helps Promote L.A. Band

Back when Honda started its latest fan-appreciation campaign, all of u at Smart Honda knew it would make a very big impact on not just Honda enthusiasts. What we didn't realize was that Honda would use the campaign to make a band's biggest dreams come true.

Up until now, the "Honda Loves You Back" campaign had focused on rewarding high-mileage used Honda owners with parades and pumpkin carvings. Which was memorable but not as impressive as it could be.

But, I think we will all agree that the latest campaign by Honda will be kept engraved in our memories for years to come. After seeing a music video that the band Monsters Calling Home shot entirely in the various members' Honda models, a special gig was arranged. Specifically, the band was told that they'd be playing for a small venue with an audience comprised entirely of Honda execs.

As the members of Monsters Calling Home arrived at the venue, which was actually a ploy to lure them to the set of the actual venue where they'd be playing: Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Now, if we said the members of the band weren't shocked that would be an understatement. They not only put on a great show, but they turned the house upside down!

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