Honda Website Teaser 2013 CR-Z Even More Ahead of Paris Motor Show

Smart Honda wants to let you in on what's in store for the CR-Z sports hybrid coupe at the Paris Motor Show this year. Because the automaker really wants the world to know the big news they even created a teaser site to buzz the upcoming reveal.

On the site, the new model features three up-close shots and a date of September 27th, the site left something to be desired in the way of information regarding the mid-cycle refresh for the CR-Z.  And the last thing Honda wants is for anticipation for the mid-cycle refresh of the CR-Z to fade before its reveal. That's why the company has opted to release another image...but this time, it's not a teaser.

On the website, Honda chose to show off a full-size shot of the CR-Z. The photo, which is focused on its front end, which confirms a couple of bit of speculation from the previous spy shots.

Honda also uncovered a few interesting specs of the CR-Z without giving specs away ahead of time. Specifically, Honda has confirmed that the refreshed CR-Z will see a performance increase in both its electric motor and gasoline engine. And even more, Honda has announced that neither performance increase will result in lower fuel economy or increased emissions.

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